SMartY Installation in Patras MegaYacht Marina

SMartY Installation in Patras MegaYacht Marina

SMartY solution is a co-branding partnership of SAMMY and SparkWorks companies that work together to build the next-gen of fully automated smart marinas improving the value for both yachters and marina owners. The existing solution of SAMMY has a dominant presence in many Greek marinas/ports. SAMMY offers functionalities such as e-booking, navigation, parking assistance & mobile guidance to yachters, skippers and marina administrators on a daily basis. SparkWorks will bring to SMartY smart water and energy metering solutions to be installed on each mooring pillar aiming to monitor the daily utilities (water/energy) consumption of each berthed vessel.

SMartY envisages utilizing state of the art IoT technologies toward the modernization and digital transformation of marina infrastructures and operations delivering AI-based experience to Yachters and smart remote monitoring and control for Marina Administrators. It provides a unique set of services, revolutionary for the yachting industry, combining the modernization of the operational processes & the efficiency of marina management with the ‘smart’ marina infrastructure.

This month we have installed the SMartY solution in Patras MegaYacht Marina.

Everything works well, we can now accurately know and track the usage of water or electricity. The result is a system that allows more efficient management and new services: 

  • From a marina management point of view, automatic mooring management and electricity/water monitoring allow personnel to free up to welcome visitors and focus entirely on their well-being. 
  • Year-road boat owners and occasional marina visitors now can enjoy new services, from increased mooring availability to remote monitoring and alerts about the state of their boat.

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