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Smart Energy Metering

Use the Spark Works IoT platform and manage energy use, reduce wastage and save cost with efficient energy monitoring.

Detect Abnormal Patterns
Detect anomalies and abnormal patterns that can indicate potential failures and help with risk mitigation.
Energy Efficient
It helps organizations to reduce expenditure on energy by not cutting down on the usage but optimizing energy use and preventing wastage.
Good Energy Habits
It will encourage everyone to adopt good energy habits. Get a smart meter and you will start to see your energy differently. See what you are spending

Energy Production

Stay a step ahead by putting your solar PV data to work with Spark Works IoT Platform. We offer a suite of scalable and reliable applications that allow you to accurately monitor, measure and predict your energy production.

Transform Raw Data to Insights
Collect raw data, transform it, analyze it and act on the insights in real-time.
Remote Monitoring
Monitor entire plants in a single environment and receive control signals / errors the soonest possible.
Reduce Costs
Avoid outages, productivity issues and downtime reducing potential costly security breaches.

Water Metering

By implementing a smart metering infrastructure comprised of sensors and gateways with LoRa® devices utility companies can efficiently collect data and streamline operations to manage costs. Customers, including large municipal utility providers, leverage these solutions to cut down on water waste and quickly identify issues in a water distribution network.

Generates actionable insights
Analyzing water consumption data through an automated system to detect waste or inefficiencies and trigger alerts is how water can effectively be saved.
Beat the leak
Smart metering helps you identify and deal with different kinds of water loss, and it is an effective tool in the fight to beat the leak.
Start Smart
From residential meters that offer remote connect and disconnect options, to insertion meters that help cost-effectively establish district metering areas, you can be smarter at every point.
Data Collection
Advanced analytics on consuming data regarding the usage of the marinas. Make the important decisions faster and smarter, based on true facts and figures.
Combine Edge & Cloud
The system remains operational regardless of the presence of internet connectivity. Data is stored locally and pushed to the cloud when needed.
Connections Optimum bandwidth utilization as the data handling does not abuse the backbone bandwidth in favor network health and operation costs.

Smart marinas and tourist ports

Use the Spark Works IoT platform and build the next generation of fully automated smart marinas by installing smart water and energy metering solutions on mooring pillar aiming to monitor the daily utilities (water/energy) consumption of each berthed vessel.

Infrastracture as a service

The Spark Works IoT platform is a core component for developing and operating a state-of-the-art management platform for city-scale urban networks.

Create a custom IoT application with our multi-purpose platform in minimal time