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SMartY introduces smart metering devices and software that enable seamless integration with existing and new docking infrastructures of marinas. 

SaMMY is a serious attempt to build the next generation of fully automated digital smart marinas which improves the value for both the yachters and the marina owners. The project builds on the already installed grid of berth spaces in the Patras MegaYacht Marina, where SaMMY solution offers real-time information on available berth places and real-time weather conditions. A deployment of the infrastructure, focusing on the berth space availability and the identification of the number of yachts entering the marina in high season periods is also available in Kassiopi at Corfu. The project aims to enhance the existing IoT infrastructure with the smart energy and water metering/control solution and Edge Data Analytics platform of SparkWorks. An environment where SaMMY can focus on specifying the rules for data-driven processing and event-based response while it automatically tunes the edge and cloud infrastructure for high-performance and high-availability. The goal is to provide fully automated processes; including automated booking, contactless payments for electricity and water consumption for Yachters and advanced analytics, alerting and remote management for Marina Administrators.