AC3 Project Plenary Meeting in Barcelona

AC3 Project Plenary Meeting in Barcelona

The second AC3 Plenary Meeting took place in Barcelona from October 5th to 6th, hosted by Iquadrat Informatica SL. During this meeting, the consortium aimed to progress on the AC3 cloud-continuum architecture, the refinement of the project use cases, and the developments of the work carried out in the past few months. We also were able to discuss emerging issues and challenges as we outlined our next steps for the coming months in preparation for our first technical review.

Spark Works participated and presented the updated Data Management Platform as a Service that will be the core of the project’s data management, ML and AI operations on IoT, video and astronomical observations. The Spark Works IoT Platform and the Spark Works IoT Edge Agent are the core components for the collection and analysis of the data collected in the three use cases of AC3. 

Usecase presentation by Dimitrios Amaxilatis, CTO of Spark Works.

The AC3 project relies on AI/ML techniques to develop an agile framework to manage data in the cloud-edge computing continuum efficiently. Using extended application profiles, the AC3 framework will play a critical role in increasing the scalability, agility and effectiveness of microservices that compose each use case application. The Cloud Edge Computing Continuum (CECCM) can benefit from different network and computing contexts to predict the most suitable placement of the application microservices either at the edges of the network or in the cloud and adapt to any changes in the volume or velocity of data generated.

The AC3 project is funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Programme under the grant agreement No 101093129.

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