Smart Island

Smart Island

Duration: 2022-


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is leading a pilot project to turn the Greek island of Naxos in the Aegean Sea into a smart island. The Smart Island project aspires to offer a better quality of life for residents, opportunities for local businesses, and an attractive destination for tourists and digital nomads from around the world.

Designed in collaboration with 20 Greek and international companies, the Smart Island project was developed with the support of the Greek government, local authorities, and the US Embassy. The project will leverage advanced AWS Cloud technologies and will introduce smart solutions for mobility, primary healthcare, and the transport of goods, such as vessel monitoring and reporting from a coastline tower, and the delivery of blood samples and medical supplies via drone. Existing infrastructure such as the local marina, the energy grid, and water management systems will be upgraded through the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and smart infrastructure management systems.

Many islands are at the beginning of their digital transformation journey. While lessons can be shared from existing smart city solutions, each island has its own unique challenges and opportunities. Digital technologies enable islands to drive better social, environmental, and economic outcomes for citizens, businesses, and visitors. Smart solutions deliver sustainable local economic development through the optimal use of local resources. They help islanders acquire new skills, increase local participation, and improve their interactions with public authorities.

Due to their geography, islands face several challenges. Often, they are dependent on fossil fuels for energy, bear high transportation and connectivity costs, and have limited economic diversification. However, geography also makes islands ideal laboratories for technological, environmental, and financial innovation. The Smart Island project will act as a test bed for innovative technology that may help other remote communities around the world overcome similar challenges.