Duration: 2021-Ongoing


Acquiring gap-free and error-free solar radiation data for performance assessment can be quite challenging and expensive. SmartGrid introduces a powerful software for your photovoltaic system providing access to daily PV production data.

SmartGrid uses the IoT technologies to help energy companies and PV operators better manage their solar power production by remote monitoring. Reduced sensor costs and the emergence of innovative connectivity enable the simple and affordable deployment of granular monitoring networks at large-scale solar farms. With such a network, operators can collect critical external and production parameters panel-by-panel and easily access this data from a central user interface. This opens compelling possibilities to improve the efficiency and reliability of solar energy systems. The project consist of the following:

  • Improve asset performance: by combining different data like solar radiation, temperature, and energy outputs of individual panels, grid managers can uncover low performing units and potential causes.
  • Enhanced worker’s productivity: with the granular visibility, technicians can instantly locate and troubleshoot error sources, instead of wasting time inspecting every single panel. What’s more, automated data collection reduces field trips to only maintenance and repairation purposes, freeing up technicians’ time for more important tasks.
  • Effective production forecast: better production forecasts and improved grid stability. With enough historical data at hand, energy companies can apply analytical and predictive models to calculate power generation rates under given weather conditions.
  • Theft and vandalism prevention: protect solar panels against theft and vandalism attempts, especially in rural areas. For example, IoT sensors can detect suspicious movements around a panel or if it is dismantled from the supporting structure.