The Spark Works IoT Platform

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IoT Platform Ecosystem


Spark Works IoT Platform Architecture


IoT Device Connector

Device Connector

Allows clients to connect their hardware devices with the SparkWorks IoT platform using established tools including restful apis, OAuth, MQTT, ActiveMQ, WebSockets.

IoT Event Processor

Event Processor

Generates real time analytics based on the events provided by the external devices.


IoT Rules Engine

Rule Processor

Generates actuation commands based on the real time events provided by external devices.

IoT Storage Service

Storage Service

Allows all Data generated from devices and stored for short or long term to be accessed quickly with minimal delay.


Spark Works IoT Platform Sensorflare

Sensorflare Public Deployment

Take advantage of the free deployment of the Spark Works IoT Platform. Try out our enterprise IoT platform to easily and quickly implement your innovative application. Use Sensorflare for high scalability in terms of users, number of connected devices and volume of data processed. Experiment with real-time processing of information collected from your IoT devices and interact with the fast analytic services.

Sensorflare provides an elegant Web interface, mobile applications for Android/iOS and many code templates to integrate your IoT device and Service end-points with the Spark Works IoT platform.


uniform representation of data across user viewpoints

Uniform representation

Ready-to-use mobile applications and detailed SDK for Android and iOS devices. Provide consistent user experience with uniform data representation across different user devices.

fast data access web api

Fast data access

Well defined API for fast data access to IoT devices operating properties, sensor values and data analytics. Simple methods to combine device views, tag and filter devices, and access historic data.

open source code components

Open design

We use a large set of open source projects to have you on track in zero time. Code components to connect your IoT Devices, setup a data analysis task and provide actionable insights to your enterprise cloud environment.


Read to scale up? Deploy to your favorite cloud platform


FIWARE Ecosystem

FIWARE Ecosystem

The Spark Works IoT platform is part of the growing community of FIWARE open-source and royalty-free libraries and reference implementations. Choose your favorite Generic Enablers and mix and match with the Spark Works IoT platform.

Windows Azure Cloud Platform and Services

Microsoft Azure

Host the Spark Works IoT platform in your Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing & Services. Combine IoT analytics with your enterprise services and scale to large volumes of devices by exploiting the power of the Azure cloud.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

Combine the Spark Works IoT platform with the Amazon Web and Cloud Computing Services. Feed IoT data analytics to your business intelligence, elastic search and your enterprise applications.

Technical Details & Resources



Programmable API

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The Spark Works IoT Platform API provides programmatic access to collect events from the IoT devices, control the Event Processor and generate Rules on sensor resources. You are free to experiment based using the Sensorflare deployment.


Hands-on Example

Visit Instractubles

Use the Spark Works IoT Platform to drive a RaspberryPi and a 433MHz transmitter to control RF devices and create a Smart Building.


Hands-on Example

Visit Instractubles

Use the Spark Works IoT Platform to drive a Particle (formely Spark) to control your power devices.

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